Delaware Lodging Trends April 2019

Delaware Lodging Trends charts for April 2019

Delaware Lodging Trends march 2019

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What proposed overtime threshold means for US hoteliers

The hotel industry has waited for the U.S. Department of Labor to announce a proposed increase to the overtime exemption threshold. Now that it has, here is what hoteliers need to know.

Delaware Lodging Trends February 2019

February 2019 charts updated and STR posted

AHLA Annual report 2018

as part of your DHLA membership, we are all part of the American Hotel and Lodging Association
DHLA Mission Statement:
* Building a community and setting standards of expectations by bringing together the hospitality industry and a private sector to achieve common goals.
* A resource center to inform and advise the business community or current events affecting our industry.
* A collective force to provide training and education.
* A forum where the industry can exchange views and networking opportunities.
* A political voice to keep elected officials aware of the industries positions on legislative actions and needs.