Delaware Today April 2015

coverage of DHLA stars dinner awards!

Press Coverage of STARS

thanks to Delaware Business Bulletin and our great friend, Doug Rainey!

DHLA Stars of the Industry Dinner and Awards 2-20-15

thanks to all who attended and supported DHLA. Here is the link to the photographs for the event and a list of the award winners as well thanks and stay warm !

Tips for a hotel robbery - sadly some local incidents

Methods for Discouraging a Robber " Lock unused doors. " Avoid working alone. If you must work alone, turn on a radio or TV so robbers will think there is someone with you. " Vary the schedule an...

The long term bet for Delaware casinos

nice story in Delaware Business Bulletin about casinos in Delaware! see link for full story
DHLA Mission Statement:
Building a community and setting standards of expectations by bringing together the hospitality industry and a private sector to achieve common goals.
A resource center to inform and advise the business community or current events affecting our industry.
A collective force to provide training and education.
A forum where the industry can exchange views and networking opportunities.
A political voice to keep elected officials aware of the industries positions on legislative actions and needs.